My work explores the stories, ideas, and relics humans save. Personally and culturally, humans edit the fragments (physical and ideological) of existence, selecting some for preservation and utterly discarding others. The images and artifacts that are preserved tell stories, true and fabricated, about human plans, hopes, and dreams.

My work is grounded in history; women’s history, the world’s history, human history. The thread, the stitch, the weave, the mending, the covering, the clothing -- all are associated with the work of female hands and minds. All of these actions were traditionally taken with another in mind -- to provide for children, for households, for bodies, for comfort, for practical warmth. Women are and were the caretakers for the earth and animals that provide the raw materials -- flax, cotton, silk, wool.

Fiber in contemporary context not only calls back to its origins, but also leaps forward from its tactile nature with a digital overlay. This work will feel familiar to you, whether through ancient methods for coloring cloth or the digital pixel applied to an ageless warp and weft. We are all surrounded by fiber.